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Thai Toy Trends

Thai toy trends

1. Thai toy production
The Thai toy market has great potential due to its small number of toy producers and low production capacity, and the price is about 15% higher than that of toys in China and other Southeast Asian countries.
As a member of ASEAN, Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. Although toys currently account for less than 1% of China's exports to Thailand, the number of toy manufacturers in Thailand is small, the production capacity is not high, and the price is about 15% higher than that of other countries. Therefore, the Thai toy market has great potential. Should cause the attention of enterprises.
Thailand toy sales terminal list

2. Authorized toy game products are on the rise
Thai people like watching movies and cartoons very much. Character image licensing products from Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, etc. are very popular among Thai children, teenagers and collectors, because the products are updated quickly, the design is innovative, and consumers believe that such products have a collection value and appreciation space. In Thailand, there is a lack of such products, and most of the image-authorized toys are imported.
In the past, Thai importers and dealers often only cooperated with licensees in certain areas in a certain way, but now many Thai merchants have found that they have bought the full agency of an image, including marketing, distribution and so on. The franchise is more proactive in the market and is also convenient for long-term development in the future.As the popularity of movies and animations continues to rise in Thailand, sales of licensed products, especially traditional toys, are expected to rise.

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